Welcome to Missionleak

In 2013 Missionleak was born, a project with a lot of enthusiasm, motivation, ideas and enthusiasm, a lot of desire to work in a new sector, without strengthening and where we could grow with it and also intervene in the future of how this sector would be and our project in general.

It is not easy to start a road without the road exists, that’s how our beginnings were, and so we gradually progressed in it until we could appreciate a solid path where we could carry out our projects and thus be able to enjoy our users with unique experiences.

Starting from the base of the purest escapism MISSIONLEAK has designed its products taking care, in addition to this aspect, the history, detail, scenography and thematic, with the aim of giving a greater realism to the sensations experienced at the time of carrying out the activity or challenge .

As a result, MISSIONLEAK currently has several examples with different themes, stories and scenarios.

The MISSIONLEAK DESIGN team, in addition to taking care of the relationship between the mechanisms and the themes, pays special attention to the gameplay, logic, enigmas and tests of their challenges to avoid linear sequences, diversifying the possible routes to reach a goal .

In this way we do not only make experiences but we design it so that you can have your own business. In addition, in our team building branch, we make companies, groups and work groups carry out tailor-made activities and events.

In future publications we will go into detail in our design section to set up your own room escape and in the team building section. We wait for you and … ..Welcome to Missionleak.