Historical Journey

This week we had the immense pride of inaugurating a new activity, all are special because they are all born from the illusion and motivation knowing that at the end of the journey you are able to participate in an experience and that is our motivation.

On this occasion we also have an addition and it is not an addition either.

When a few months ago contacted us EL GRAN TEATRE DEL LICEU and proposed this adventure, the simple fact that they thought of us in order to carry out a room escape activity surrounded by history, anecdotes, possibilities and with the imposing importance of the institution and the environment, just that and for us was an immense pleasure, imagine what it was to formalize, specify, define and design the project, a luxury. During this process we have been and continue to be surrounded by excellent professionals, motivated, happy and excited with the ability to perform a room escape experience in one of the best stages in the world. From here we only need to thank them for all the effort, love and facilities they have given us, and especially thank you for believing in Missionleak for such an important project.

The culmination was on July 14 where ENIGMA PUCCINI began its journey and for the first time AROUND THE WORLD a room escape was held in an opera theater, for us “the opera theater”, THE GRAND TEATRE DEL LICEU.

It was at that moment that we realized that within the long and imposing history of EL GRAN TEATRE DEL LICEU you also appear, all of you who participated and will participate in the first room escape in an Opera Theater in the world. Welcome to the Gran Teatre del Liceu and Welcome to Missionleak.