As you well know, the global situation is complicated and we have to take the threat to which we are exposed very seriously, but on the other hand we also know that life goes on and we have to try, taking all the necessary measures, to keep trying to enjoy the activities and experiences that allow us to carry them out with complete peace of mind, security and confidence.

It is true that the news you sometimes receive from administrations and the media is confusing, we know this from the number of calls and emails we receive, that is why we once again take the opportunity to inform you that both by regulations and by measures our activity it is suitable and totally safe.

Your group never shares sessions or schedules with other groups and whenever you access our facilities, they have been disinfected and at the access we have already started the security protocol that allows you to enjoy the experience. Being a trusted group formed by you there is no limit of 6 people in our activity, that is why if the activity allows it, you will be able to access 10 participants.

For our part, we are making it easy for you so that you can continue feeling the adrenaline rush of the escape room.

Your security is our peace of mind.

Missionleak SL.