Missionleak escape room was born with the intention of creating activities in an escape room format, team building and events that, in a playful and fun way, enhance personal relationships, teamwork and the development of individual capacities at the service of a collective good .

The idea is to promote, through entertainment and fun, values ​​such as collaboration, empathy and solidarity.

At Missionleak we have always tried to collaborate, in one way or another, with initiatives that develop activities aimed at promoting values ​​with which we feel fully identified.

All these values, in addition to many others, are represented in the LLiga per a la protecció d’animals i plantes de Barcelona.

For this reason being able to collaborate as a solidarity company with the protector of Barcelona is very gratifying for us, since we know their work in depth and we know the effort, work and enthusiasm with which they defend and care for animals.