During our growth process, among the multiple branches offered by our sector, we have the satisfaction of having incorporated into our registry a new facet, presentations, dynamization of events and awarding of prizes. On 13 December, the award ceremony for the young social economy HASI GAZTE took place in Pamplona….

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Historical Journey

This week we had the immense pride of inaugurating a new activity, all are special because they are all born from the illusion and motivation knowing that at the end of the journey you are able to participate in an experience and that is our motivation. On this occasion we…

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Welcome to Missionleak

In 2013 Missionleak was born, a project with a lot of enthusiasm, motivation, ideas and enthusiasm, a lot of desire to work in a new sector, without strengthening and where we could grow with it and also intervene in the future of how this sector would be and our project…

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