Create your Room Escape

Do you like our format? Do you want to set up your Room Escape? Do not hesitate to contact us. Missionleak offers you several possibilities of collaboration to be able to achieve it.

For us it is very important that the sector be extended with quality products. In this way our customers will have a new unique and special activity. That is why we try to facilitate its development with different possibilities.

Our products are based on the experience acquired in the creation of various projects. With the aim of giving a good service to our customers and live a unique experience. We give priority to three fundamental points: reduction of assembly costs, reduction of assembly time and reduction of the test period.

If you get in touch with us we will be happy to detail our different possibilities of collaboration, since there are several situations in which you can find and really need. Our intention will always be to, as far as possible, adapt to your needs as long as you can have your own business based on the enjoyment of it and at the same time make others enjoy, we are very aware that your success is the our and only working with hope we can achieve that joint objective.

Do not hesitate to ask, from Missionleak we make it easy since our policy is not to persecute you, but to advise you and only with a lot of information, assessment and comparison you can decide the correct option for your project. We will wait for you.