Team Building

Years of experience carrying out TEAM BUILDING events guarantee us, no matter the number of participants or your location, consult with us your needs and we will be happy to offer you our services.

The room escape is an ideal activity to be able to strengthen the bonds of the participants in a relaxed but at the same time demanding way, they are challenges designed on purpose and at the same time adaptable to your requirements and needs.

Our services:

  • Team building activities for groups in “single objective” mode or in “competition mode”.
  • Performance evaluation report (optional).
  • Traveling events or in our facilities.
  • Catering, coffe breack, etc …
  • We value our journey to develop your event wherever you are.
  • Brand presentations, products, awards ceremony with the escape room method.
  • STAND ROOM ESCAPE in Fairs, major events, events, etc …

Do not hesitate to contact us, there are thousands of participants and multiple companies, entities, universities, institutions and groups that have made our experiences.