Bank of Thaqar Room Escape

In this exciting Room Escape you will put yourself in the skin of a robber.

In these days the prime minister of the Republic of Thaqar is in our city. He has brought with him the greatest treasure of his country, the jewel called “The Flower of Thaqar”. You have deposited it in a bank branch of your country, the BANK OF THAQAR and this is where you come into play, this is the challenge.



Room Escape for groups of 2 to 10 participants. All reservations are made through the website, except the GIFT BONUS. Reservations are made by paying a deposit for the web of € 25, paying the difference stipulated in your reservation in the room in cash at the time of carrying out the activity. It is important to make the reservation by notifying the approximate number of participants to vary the degree of difficulty. The activity is suitable for children from 8 years old. It is obligatory that a minimum of one adult accompanying them always participate. You can change the date of the reservation as long as it is notified 48 hours in advance, in no case can you cancel the reservation or proceed to the refund of the amount.


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