Suite Escape  Hotel + Escape Room

Are you ready to live the experience at the main center of Barcelona?
SUITE ESCAPE is waiting for you at the Hotel JAZZ, right next to Plaza Cataluña.

Details of the IMF mission:

We have intercepted two of the enemy spies and we have managed to you to stay on their hotel room, were the activation code of nuclear system of a big global power will be delivered. At the time being we just have been able to find out at what time the enemy agents will deliver the tools, at this moment our mission will begin, and we will have to find out the code without being catch. At some point we will send you more details about the SUITE ESCAPE mission. Wait for your instructions.

Ethan H.

This one includes:

  • Room for 2 people at the JAZZ Hotel (Check-in since 3 p.m.) + Free Parking (depending on the availability of the hotel) + 60 min Escape Room experience.
  • Booking activity € 51 + hotel room price according to season

* in case breakfast is wanted it will have an extra € 5 per person in low season and € 10 per person in high season.
For further information do not hesitate to contact us:

Thank you.




Room scape for 2 people. All the bookings must be made through our email or from the Hotel JAZZ itself at least with 48h anticipation. The payment must be done in the moment of booking. Once the day is chosen you have hand in: full name and surname, DNI and phone number that you will be using on the activity day. Check in will start at 15h and you must bee in the room 15 minutes before the activity starts. The activity does not admit date changes without a major force justification and always with at least 24h anticipation.


How to Arrive