Toccata i Fuga Escape Room Escape

Welcome to the team, so that you are up to date, we know firsthand that the document ATOMIC DRAWINGS that contains all the necessary information to create the definitive bomb is hidden in the PALAU DE LA MÚSICA CATALANA and you have 90 minutes to find it. Just as this information has reached us, it has also reached the opponent agencies.

Your mission is to overcome all the riddles that one of the most important (but little known) characters of the last century left to prevent atomic PLANES from falling into the wrong hands.

“One of the most representative icons of Catalan modernism hides a big secret. If you want to live the new escape room experience in the PALAU DE LA MÚSICA CATALANA, you must be aware of the social networks. Letting you know that places are limited”


Agent 046 and his team will enter the Palace simulating a guided tour, they will receive an undercover agent as a guide of the Palace who will help them as much as possible, a support vehicle will give external help in order to monitor the enemy spies that we know they are also in the building looking for the report.

Objective: Find and destroy the report.

Time limit: 90 minutes.

This mission is confidential.

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Room Escape for groups of 4 to 8 participants. All bookings are made through the Missionleak website, including the GIFT VOUCHER. Reservations are made by paying the full price of the activity on our web calendar. It is important to make the booking by notifying the number of participants, in case of not completing the maximum allowed in the initial reservation contact Missionleak to be able to add participants. The activity is suitable for children from 8 years. It is mandatory that they always participate with at least one adult. No change can be made on the date of the reservation and in no case may the booking be canceled or refunded. We demand maximum punctuality.


EXCEPTIONAL MEASURES COVID-19. Due to the current situation the groups will be made up of a maximum of 6 participants.