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Bank of Thaqar

Bank of Thaqar Escape Room, juega a robar una joya. Detalles personalizables para días especiales.
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You will feel the nerves and emotion of a robber in this exciting Escape Room in Barcelona. Will you get the jewel?

These days the Prime Minister of the Republic of Thaqar is in our city. He has brought with him the greatest treasure of his country, the jewel called "The Flower of Thaqar". He has deposited it in a bank branch in his country, the BANK OF THAQAR and this is where you come into play, this is the challenge. If you like challenges and want to spend sixty minutes of great fun, this is your activity.

You just need to gather a group of 2 to 8 adventurers. And feel like using your ingenuity and ability to overcome the challenge: neither more nor less than robbing a bank and managing to escape with the loot. You must be very careful. It is not only about being able to find the jewel, but also about being able to leave the bank before the police or the security measures themselves detect your presence.

In this Escape Room you can only end up in two ways, with the objective accomplished and celebrating it in the Caribbean or handcuffed and behind bars. Let's see which group you belong to. Only the daring and the brave will verify it.

Lee any opinions of the "robbers" who have already passed through our room.


All reservations are made through the website. Reservations are made by paying a deposit, paying the difference stipulated in your reservation in the room in cash at the time of carrying out the activity. Except for the GIFT VOUCHER, which must be paid for in full at the time of booking. Minors are required to always participate accompanied by at least one adult.You can change the dateof the reservation as long as it is notified48 hours in advance, the cost of the change is €20, in no case can the reservation be canceled nor will the amount be refunded.

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