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Wolf Escape Room

Escape Room Miedo Wolf
Feel the adrenaline and fear on your skin in this fantastic Room Escape,  located in Barcelona.

Doctor Kurt is working in the facilities of the CECCA (Center for the Study, Conservation and Control of Animals), located at the foot of Mount Altai. Despite the interference derived from the weather and orography, he has managed to send us a strange message asking us for help because of some events that have happened to him. 


We need a group of brave volunteers to travel to the heart of Eurasia and find out what's going on. The CECCA can only send a group of between 2 and 8 members; if you are bold enough, assemble your team for this adventure…




All reservations are made through the website. Reservations are made by paying a deposit, paying the difference stipulated in your reservation in the room in cash at the time of carrying out the activity. Except for the GIFT VOUCHER, which must be paid for in full at the time of booking. Minors are required to always participate accompanied by at least one adult.You can change the dateof the reservation as long as it is notified48 hours in advance, the cost of the change is €20, in no case can the reservation be canceled nor will the amount be refunded.

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